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OREX Feb 2017 Meeting

Some wonderful pictures from our meeting on 2/18/17! We had great student-led discussions on several issues including the rigors of surgical training and the imposter syndrome, over-reliance on EMR, therapeutic communications skills, strategies to ace the NCLEX and MCAT exams, and preparation for job interviews. Everyone participated and it was great learning exercise for all in attendance!


2011-2012 OREX T-shirts and Welcome to New Members

2011-2012 OREX Orientation Meeting

Say hello to the 2011-2012 OREX volunteers!

We’re very excited to announce that OREX has turned 4 this year!  In celebration of OREX’s continued success as one of the few programs in the country that exposes pre-health professionals to surgeries in progress, we are pleased to announce that OREX is growing.  This year, OREX volunteers are welcomed to attend UCSF-East Bay Surgery’s Grand Rounds and shadow the orthopedic clinic on Tues and Thurs in addition to surgery observation.

2010-2011 OREX Members

These are the members chosen for the 2010-2011 OREX year.

2009-2010 Applications Are Open!

Dear all Highland and Fairmont Hospital Volunteers,

OREX is a year old program that has given dedicated and enthusiastic students a chance to not only observe a wide range of surgeries, but even attend lectures by the Chief of Surgery, Dr. Harken, aimed to educate the surgical residents of UCSF East Bay.

The program’s primary objectives are to:

1. Provide students a background in Operating Room procedures.
2. Give students an experience that will help them assess whether they wish to pursue surgery (or simply a new experience for participants not on the surgical path).
3. Establish relationships between students and surgeons

The commitment is only once per month in the OR for at least 4 hours and an OREX meeting once every two months. Your surgery will start at 7:15am and that will be your day to see whichever procedure you like. You pick which day in the month you go (M-W, F) so that you can minimize school/work time missed.

I would like to emphasize that during the procedures you are inside the operating room, and may even get to stand as close as one foot away from the patient being operated on.

Here is what 2 OREXers from this last cycle said about their most memorable experience (abridged for brevity):

“Seeing how Dr. Miller assured and comforted a heartbroken family about the upcoming surgical procedure. It was a moment that was very…human, raw, and real. At that moment, I felt a lot of things that probably aren’t terribly novel, but it was different and memorable because I was able to feel it instead of ‘thinking’ it.”

Almost every month, one OREXer’s surgery day entry gets posted up on this site, so you can read below what exactly some of them experienced and learned.

If you are interested in applying, please request an application by emailing Applications are due August 21, 2009 and are only open to Highland Hospital and Fairmont Hospital volunteers. (Those who have been volunteering for at least 6 months are recommended.)