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Dr. Harken’s Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Dr. Harken!
Mom and son
Young love
Happy pose
Nice hat!
Dr. Harken besting all on Push-up competition

Our dear mentor and program supervisor Dr. Alden Harken turned 71 this month. To celebrate this milestone, OREX members were invited to share in the fun and activities on an “Independence Day”-themed party of RED, WHITE & BLUE! The day was filled with games like “Dance Dance Revolution”, “Pin the Scapel on Dr. Harken”, Dart throws to pop balloons with hidden gifts inside, as well as “Bocce Ball” etc. Dr. Harken showed us just how dedicated he is truly is to the idea of good health and fitness by performing 71 push-ups and singlehandedly beating others half his age by more than 20 push-ups!! Here are the memories from that wonderful day!

Fun and Games!