2010-2011 OREX Year Summary

2010-2011 proved to be another great year for OREX!  Once again, we had so many amazing journals and we’d like to share the highlights:

Laparoscopic Cholescystectomy  Author: Lisa Katz

Laminectomy  Author: Jason Hsieh

Modified Radical Mastectomy  Author: Wendy Sun

Tonsillectomy  Author: Darcie Ghigiarelli

Trauma Surgery  Author: Arturo Delgadillo

ACL Reconstruction  Author: Rashmi Patil

Right Chopart’s Amputation  Author: Raj Manmohan

Hernia Repair  Author: Jose Hernandez

Below Knee Amputation  Author: Milad Bahrani

Proximal Tibia Fracture Repair  Author: Haonan Lin

Replacement Portacath  Author: Serena Hsia

Laparoscopic Sigmoid Colon Resection  Author: Joelle Brown

Lymph Node Biopsy  Author: Rachel Cohen

Unipolar Femoral Prosthesis  Author: Conway Tan


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